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Full Moon 28/1/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo on January, 28 in opposition to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to intensely disturb the life of signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) who were born at the end of the first decanate and at the beginning of the second.


You will be called upon to raise to the occasion and state that you are ready to take on responsibilities which you have avoided all along. Perhaps this means that you set the process of a break up in motion shall the relationship or collaboration have been tested and indicates that you are not on the same track. Perhaps something new begins that makes you admit that you really need a change in your life. Developments start running and you cannot hold them back no matter how hard you try to gain time.



The Leo Full Moon might set your amorous life on fire, be the source of big passions, and bring to the surface feelings that cannot be hidden anymore. A new acquaintance will evolve rapidly and it might be visible in your social environment. Perhaps you are at a juncture when you want to avoid commitments so you are open to flirting. On the professional level, beware of the balance between taking initiative and others’ need for you to be an equal team member with a concrete framework and action plan.



The Leo Full Moon will upset your interpersonal relationships and make you admit that it is time you terminated some difficult relationships with people who have a great impact on your life. Try and explain the reasons why you leave a job even if they are not understood by everybody. In addition, you had better try and resolve problems on the personal level and make sure you take answers in questions you have in your head and make you take distance from your relationship. Moving out would be a solution to your problems but unanswered questions will come up that will return at some point in the future.



The Leo Full Moon is a moment when you want to break free from the framework that has taken shape around you and does not allow you to move as you wish. Perhaps you seek a way to go on a much needed trip, to find yourself far from your familiar environment, and to talk to people who think about different things from those of your daily life. Perhaps you take up something new on the educational level and you add a new activity into your life that could widen your horizons. Finally, look after your relationships with relatives because there are reasons to give mutual explanations.



The Leo Full Moon impacts on your finances and makes you acknowledge that you must set your expenses in order. Make sure you settle unfinished business and try to realise that you have specific sources for income which you cannot cancel. Perhaps you are stressed about buying some things so ask for somebody’s help from your intimate circle who is present in your life and could support you. Do not hesitate to show that you need help thinking that you will lose some people’s appreciation.



The Full Moon in your sign greatly upsets your interpersonal relationships and makes you cope with whatever you leave by the wayside. Your difficulty to coexist with somebody is an occasion for conflict that will offer a definitive solution to the problem. If you cope with too many things, you had better set priorities and get rid of some of them. You cannot be at the heart of everything and also expect to have a healthy personal life unless you decide to try out the choices before you without making any commitment.



The Leo Full Moon seems to impact on your work routine since you might have to work longer hours. You had better grade others’ demands of you and make sure you are modest with the promises you give so as to settle unfinished business. In addition, make sure you cope with your health by focusing on your constitution and physical endurance in view of the challenges you face. If you keep on turning a blind eye to indications and signs, you will likely have health problems that you could have easily avoided.



The Leo Full Moon could be an opportunity to be more sociable and to get in touch with friends with whom you have lost contact lately. You need to come out of your shell and find pleasure in your personal life even if this means that you give it a try with a new acquaintance. If you are confused on the amorous level, try and take distance from the situation and ask for the opinion of somebody you trust.



The Leo Full Moon makes you acknowledge that you are at a crucial crossroads regarding your public image. Perhaps there are problems in your relationship which suddenly come to the surface. Perhaps you are in a process of breaking up and this highly impacts on your professional efficiency. Perhaps you have taken on too many responsibilities at work that you cannot handle and this is the source of rifts in your relationship. You had better dissociate your professional affairs from your personal ones otherwise you will have problems in both areas.



The Leo Full Moon could be a very good occasion to look for a way out from a repetitive routine which puts pressure on you lately. An excursion could be an opportunity to see things from another perspective. A professional challenge will be an opportunity to be more optimistic about your career. Finally, you have the chance yo make your presence felt thanks to your ideas and this fills you up with much needed self-confidence.



The Leo Full Moon will mostly have an impact on your finances since you have to admit that there are expenses out of your control. It is time you paid off financial obligations toward certain people, you settled unfinished business, and you safeguarded your income. If you hold discussions about something new on the professional level, make sure you read the small print in the contract before you sign it or reject it.



The Full Moon opposite you will be an extremely powerful moment when you are called upon to decide whether you change some things or you are carried away by developments which others determine. You must raise to the occasion and make sure you stand against people who have decided to pull strings at will. A relationship or collaboration might come to a close and you are called upon to look in new directions. Or perhaps something new begins in your life that you must delimit because chaos and disorder can easily take place. Developments are fast and you are called upon to shape them and not simply follow them.



The Leo Full Moon will change some facts in your daily life and make you admit that there are reasons to set your priorities somewhat differently. Perhaps you realise that there is a lot of unfinished business that you must look after and settle and perhaps you understand that the support you expected from close people has not come. Perhaps you focus on your health and you try to change your habits so as to find your footing in an everyday life which is not at all the same to what you were used to some time ago.

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