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New Moon 11/2/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius on February, 11 in square with Mars in Taurus seems to bring about tension to the life of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the third decanate.

You will be called upon to decide whether you will move at will and according to your own disposition or you will participate in a team effort. The aforementioned balance is not an easy case because you might find it hard to accept the group’s suggestions and dispositions and you might be pressured to fit in the established framework. Perhaps you seek to take distance from others and focus on your personal aspirations. This could signify that you cut the painter with people who used to be in your life for long and it is time you said goodbye to people you were used to having in your life.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to give you the impetus for a new social image and your participation in a social activity that may offer you a new role. Perhaps you weigh the facts and you try to understand whether you are worn out and exposed or you have the opportunity to come out of your shell and show off more. The balance is based on your decision as to whether you will consume parts of yourself for everything mentioned above or not. You are not supposed to invest only money but also time and labour.



The Aquarius New Moon will be an important moment when you decide to operate differently in view of a professional challenge. You are called upon to decide whether you operate as a team member or at will. In the first case, you are called upon to overcome your tendency to control everybody and to get involved in the works of the team by being at the helm and by leading the situation where you want. In the second case, perhaps you leave a group which oppresses you and you act at will knowing that this might result in a course in which big obstacles will pop up before you.



The Aquarius New Moon is a good opportunity to come out of your shell and speak up in front of the public. Remember that you must have strong arguments and that you cannot simply make an impression without seconding your words. In addition, you want to escape and therefore go on an excursion which you so much need and dream of for a long time. Make sure you have the right company beside you and not just some people who could turn the trip into guilty pleasure.



The Aquarius New Moon may upset your financial situation because you hear information and news which make you realise that you are called upon to pay off debts. Try and share the weights with your better half and stop shouldering all responsibilities by yourself. If the weights are due to the other side’s living pattern, make sure you hold a serious discussion with your better half so as to settle things. On the amorous level, try and light the spark in your relationship before it completely disappears.



The New Moon opposite you seems like a huge opportunity to disturb stagnant waters on the personal and professional level bearing in mind that you can handle the turmoil which will break out. Somebody from the past will return and you will consider whether you have left an old living pattern behind or you seek an opportunity to spend time with them. On the professional level, you must be careful with an old offer before you accept it because you might return to an environment you are not yet ready to handle.



The Aquarius New Moon draws your attention to health-related issues in a way that you can handle. You are called upon to find balance between physical and mental health and to tune the dispositions of your mind into the stamina of your body. It is time you did something bold that could upset the calmness of your workaday life so as to awaken an idle part of yourself.



The Aquarius New Moon will be a good opportunity to do something different on the amorous level that will awaken idle feelings. A new acquaintance, at the current juncture, could change the course of your life and make you acknowledge that a relationship is an important parameter for your choices. If you are in a relationship, having a child could be the next step. You must communicate this thought to the other side though before you jump into your own plans.



The Aquarius New Moon signals your decisiveness to disturb stagnant waters in an environment which is used to seeing you in a specific way that you approve of. Perhaps you decide to redecorate, move out, or hold discussions with family members so as to clarify certain common topics of interest. On the professional level, you will likely confront authority figures as you wish to try and operate in a different way in comparison to what you are allowed. You must remember that perhaps you operate in the dark but you are in the spotlight for the time being so do not leave any traces behind.



The Aquarius New Moon will make it hard on you to communicate what is in your head without creating tension and misunderstandings with your surroundings. Perhaps you decide to be more extrovert and express your thoughts without controlling your words. As a result, there will be reactions. Perhaps you seek a way to react to pressuring everyday issues but you are abrupt. Thus you create a bigger problem in the balance of your relationship with colleagues and relatives.



The Aquarius New Moon will be an opportunity to organise your finances and make moves that will help you to settle unfinished business. Perhaps you decide to step back when it comes to your participation in a risky move and you find it hard to accept a scary offer. Perhaps you decide to quickly handle debts so as to pay them off and stop feeling threatened by unsettled debts.



The New Moon in your sign will be an excellent opportunity to give up certain habits and cut the painter with close people who may consume precious time from your life. You are called upon to clarify the situation, be decisive and bold, and explain that you have entered a new phase in your life. Thus you cannot be stuck to old patterns of action. In case you are about to make a new beginning in your life, make sure you read the fine print of the contract because there is concealed information which you cannot currently spot.



The Aquarius New Moon will raise your awareness regarding a change in your routine. Perhaps you decide to focus on your mental health and cope with something which may heal your wounds since they make self-expression difficult. Perhaps a period of introspection comes to a close and you want to reintroduce yourself to your environment so as to make your presence felt time and again.

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