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Full Moon 27/2/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 9 degrees Virgo on February, 27 in trine with Uranus in Taurus and in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to test your ability to discern the details from the bigger picture of your life.

The Full Moon will bring small issues to the surface which may destroy the big picture and which may be the missing pieces of a puzzle that is never completed. You should consider whether you are annoyed with such small imperfections or you overcome them and you stay focused on the end result you have in mind. Perhaps it is time you looked after your physical well-being and you integrated small habits in your everyday life that will help you to feel better with your body. Remember that your body has needs which cannot be fulfilled with the way your mind works so pay attention to the signals you receive.



The Virgo Full Moon is an occasion to reintroduce yourself to people from your workaday life and reactivate habits which you put on the back burner. Perhaps you cope with financial issues as you wish to improve your remuneration at work and you try to settle unfinished business. Perhaps you decide to focus on your health as you want to improve your image. You decide to make bold moves regarding your nutritional habits because only then will you improve your mood in general.



The favourable Virgo Full Moon will help you to improve the climate in your personal life and give you the opportunity for an acquaintance or solutions to problems of your existing relationship. Perhaps you propose something that will smoothen difficult aspects of your everyday life with your better half and you decide to see some things from another perspective. Perhaps you can spend more time with somebody you have just met and may invigorate your amorous disposition.



The Virgo Full Moon seems like an alarm that goes off and highlights what takes place in your house; situations which it is time you dealt with. You could hold a discussion with your better half and ask specific things that have been left unanswered and you cannot explain. Perhaps there are misunderstandings on the professional level and you realise that there are rifts in your relationship with people you consider close to you but with whom the situation has changed lately.



The Virgo Full Moon will be an opportunity to speak up and express whatever you think and process internally which lies heavy on you. You had better be as clear and honest as possible and avoid being too sentimental when you speak. You should operate based on truth. In addition, it is necessary that you talk about things through the perspective of your friends and acquaintances. You should look at the bigger picture and stop focusing on details.



The Virgo Full Moon will highlight financial issues and you will get to understand that it is time you paid attention to certain details of your daily life. Perhaps you must settle unfinished business and buy some things that are necessary for the successful flow of your workaday life. Perhaps you decide to cope with your health and make sure you add some habits to your life which will help you to feel lighter and capable of going through with your workaday life.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to highlight that it is time you moved on and you stopped experiencing everything in theory. You are called upon to make essential decisions about your personal life by speaking up and expressing your thoughts regarding your common life with your better half. Perhaps you decide to operate somehow differently on the professional level and take initiatives which you have avoided until today. You come out of your shell and it is time you showed this to your surroundings.



The Virgo Full Moon will be an opportunity to focus on your routine and understand that you cannot leave certain things at chance. You should cope with them seriously and essentially. You must deal with work details and pay attention to issues in need of meticulous process. You should operate based on analytical thinking. Perhaps you realise that it is time you looked after your health starting off with your nutrition and exercise. Try and add new activities to your day making sure you listen to the signals your body sends you.



The Virgo Full Moon reminds you that you cannot keep on ignoring your social and friendly circle. You had better talk to friends, hear their news, and try to participate in actions that will reinforce your team contribution. Do not be focused on issues of your personal life. Try and look beyond the obvious because there are people around you who can help you to broaden your perspective on things.



The Virgo Full Moon seems like an alarm that goes off and calls upon you to decide whether you can keep on following unsuitable rhythms on your professional life. Perhaps you rebel and you want to pressure some people around you who take advantage of your own efforts. Perhaps you want to highlight your need for recognition from your surroundings and accept certain offers which prove you should not be taken for granted. Finally, is it maybe time you changed role in your family environment?



The Virgo Full Moon is an opportunity to speak up, to be heard, and to express your thoughts without the fear of being provocative. You want to have an opinion that your surroundings respect. However, it should not be based on the tone of your voice but on your arguments. You seek to break free from workaday life but you must also have a plan that you should explain to somebody you wish to accompany you in this trajectory. Finally, perhaps you seek to go on a trip that you so much need at the current juncture.



The Virgo Full Moon seems to remind you that there is also somebody else in your life apart from yourself. It is somebody who stands beside you or opposite you and you must consider how they are influenced by your decisions. Perhaps you have forgotten about them and you think that they simply follow your orders and they agree without saying a word. Perhaps you are at a juncture when you break up and you must settle financial issues which cannot be easily and calmly resolved. If somebody new has come into your life, you cannot hide them because chemistry between yourselves is obvious and undeniable.



The Full Moon opposite you will set the alarm off highlighting that it is time you focused on your personal life. You cannot turn a blind eye anymore to the problems of your relationship and ignore obvious issues which you try to bury. The other side has demands which you must cover shall you wish to be on the same wavelength. Otherwise their criticism will make you realise that you have retired into yourself and you cannot be clear and objective about things.

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