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New Moon 13/3/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on March, 13 at 23 degrees Pisces in conjunction with Venus and Neptune could be an exceptionally pleasant and sweet moment in a difficult and demanding everyday life.

The New Moon gives you the opportunity to look beyond the obvious and to have hope and optimism for the future through your contact with a higher power which seems to acquire a new meaning for you. It helps you to find answers and the way to forgive people who have harmed you. Perhaps you decide to focus on activities which reduce the meaning of individualism and to participate in group actions which aim at offering to the public. What currently matters is that you focus your attention in the direction which envisions a better picture for tomorrow.



The Pisces New Moon could be an opportunity to forgive some people with whom there has been tension lately. Try to be in their shoes and see how they operated through their own perspective by ensuring that you do not hold a grudge. On the other side, it is time you put some friendships and collaborations to the test and you saw whether certain people stand by you and are ready to sacrifice themselves in favour of a team effort and not operate based on their personal benefit.



The Pisces New Moon is a good opportunity to focus on your social life and try and get in touch with people with whom could become your friends. Perhaps it is time you stopped operating one-sidedly and you made sure you invest time in relationships and not only in your career. You could reactivate your friendships, get in touch with people you have lost contact with, and decide to participate in group activities which you have left by the wayside.



The Pisces New Moon is a good opportunity to find solutions to problems on the family or professional level. Perhaps you receive an unexpected gift which is not necessarily related to the materialistic side of things. It could be an acquaintance with somebody who will unblock solutions you have been seeking for a long time. Perhaps you assume obligations you never thought of and which you are called upon to settle bearing in mind that you cannot have more enemies than the existing ones. You are called upon to trust some people who are by your side.



The Pisces New Moon is an opportunity to break free from your daily programme that seems to have worn you out. Perhaps you plan a trip, you decide to go on a short or longer excursion somewhere where you can leave your difficult and harsh routine behind. On the other side, perhaps you are gullible with others’ promises which aim at reminding you that you can count on them for help.



The Pisces New Moon draws your attention to financial affairs because you could be carried away with an offer or promises that will not be necessarily kept. Make sure you read the small print of a contract and focus on conditions which are not very clear or comprehensible to you. Try and read between the lines in whatever the other side states and try to understand how they feel and not how they are expressed. It is not that easy of course.



The New Moon opposite you could be an opportunity to improve your personal life and have a relationship which may soften your heart. Perhaps you meet that person who will be your real better half or perhaps things are spectacularly improved in your existing relationship. Perhaps there is improvement on the professional level and your work is recognised. A professional development, at the current juncture, could give you the opportunity to make acquaintances that will be important pieces of the puzzle of your social life.



The Pisces New Moon is the beginning of a period with several obligations in your daily life. Several topics can confuse you and make you lose your orientation and goal. Work obligations seem to increase and make it difficult for you to manage since there is no reasonable flow. At the same time, you must pay due attention to others’ words because their orders are not clear and they might disorient you.



The Pisces New Moon could be an opportunity to improve the climate in your relationship and spend some moments that will make you experience feelings you have not felt in a long time. In your existing relationship, this could indicate that you rediscover the reason why you are with your better half and you find occasions to put everything else on the back burner. If a new acquaintance comes up, you may easily daydream and make plans for a common future with this person.



The Pisces New Moon will make you spend more time at home or with family members so as to get closer to them. Perhaps some people need you, ask for your presence, and need your support in problems they cannot resolve by themselves. Perhaps you want to focus on home decoration, thus you change the position of objects in it since you want to see things from another perspective. On the professional level, you may receive somebody’s support with selfless intentions who simply wishes to help you make steps of growth.



The Pisces New Moon motivates you to change your way of thinking and try and understand your surroundings. You are called upon to be more conscious and to try and listen to others’ words without filtering them through your own viewpoints. Perhaps you plan an excursion that could change the flow of your daily life and can be an occasion to go back to nature that you have so much missed. Make sure you try to silence your mind a bit and let your heart take initiatives.



The Pisces New Moon draws your attention to the financial area because you may be carried away with unexpected expenses or uncertain offers. You had better not grow enthusiastic by others’ words who put pressure on you to participate in an effort with the promise of big gains. Make sure you read the small print of the contract though. In addition, make sure you are supportive of people who need financial help either by making a donation or by spending some time with them.



The New Moon in your sign seems like an opportunity to change the facts in your personal life. A new relationship will fill you up with hope and optimism for tomorrow and will help you to have a new perspective about your life. Perhaps you meet somebody who perfectly fits your needs and you find reasons why you want to spend a lot of time with them. On the professional level, you can prove that you are skilful so long as you know whom to trust and whom your instinct advises you to keep clear of.

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