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Full Moon 28/3/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon on March, 28 at 8 degrees Libra in opposition to Venus and Chiron in Aries and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus seems to bring about difficult situations in the balance of interpersonal relationships of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the first decanate.


Perhaps you have lost faith in the other side and you ask yourself whether the person by your side makes you spend money. Perhaps you wish to give shape to the agreement between yourselves, time and again, knowing that such a move would stir commotion and bring everything dysfunctional to the surface that would be the source of verbal, and not only, tension. On the other side, you cannot keep on being under pressure and stress trying to fit in in frames which do not suit your will. Therefore, you had better clear out the situation instead of letting it vegetate.



The Libra Full Moon seems to have an impact on your interpersonal relationships mainly if you were born on the first decanate of your sign/ascendant. Thus, you are called upon to reach conclusions about the future of your relationship. Perhaps you are stressed to stay in a situation which puts pressure on you and you acknowledge the fact that you are under pressure to compromise with certain facts. You had better express your thoughts and viewpoints, try and do what you wish, and stop trying to maintain balances that are hard to manage.



The Libra Full Moon seems to highlight the need to do something about your health and to beware of exaggerations which could harm your constitution. Look after your nutrition and avoid adopting habits that can be harmful for you. Try to add activities to your life that will help you to feel better in your own skin. At the same time, you should finally take care of your relationships with people from work so that there are no more shadows which lay heavy on your consciousness.



The Libra Full Moon will be an opportunity to clarify certain issues which impact on your relationship. Try and communicate with your better half so as to work through your differences. Try and clarify your relationships with friends who sow the seeds of dissension in your relationship. Perhaps you want to understand whether an acquaintance is an opportunity for an amorous relationship or somebody who could turn into a friend.



The Libra Full Moon will make you admit that it is time you came out of your shell and you claimed what belongs to you but you allow others to take advantage of. Perhaps you must confront colleagues, raise to the occasion, and communicate your disagreements. Perhaps you are unpleasant and this could endanger your job but there is a fine line you cannot overcome considering that you are the victim. On the domestic level, try and feel safe next to somebody who is always present.



The Libra Full Moon will be your opportunity to communicate what is in your mind and falls heavy on you, namely every obstacle that stands between you and your effort to approach people of your environment. Try to exhibit your innate extroversion and to prove that you can attract people you meet for the first time. At the same time, it seems that you really need to escape your domestic environment which is not at all easy to currently take place.



The Libra Full Moon seems to impact on your finances and forces you to acknowledge that it is time you settled debts and obligations. You will have to realise that the support you expect or take for granted from the other side is not feasible and that you must focus on your own income and your ability to second your decisions. On the other side, you may talk through professional offers knowing that the financial aspect is not the only element you should consider in order to make the right decision.



The Full Moon in your sign is a good opportunity to clarify certain things in your personal life. You are called upon to find the right balance in your relationship knowing that you must confront the other side with all their shortcomings and weaknesses. Perhaps you bring issues to the surface that are hard to resolve and which are traps for your relationship. You see, you need to make interventions that are not currently convenient. Try and overcome the obstacle without making it grow out of proportions because it might be much smaller than what you imagined.



The Libra Full Moon will be a difficult moment for issues of cooperation and solidarity with colleagues. Perhaps you confront people who have decided to raise obstacles and walls which obstruct your course. Perhaps you wish to operate behind the scenes which means that you must face the consequences of this action through the kind of delinquency you implement in your life. Beware of your contacts with people who operate behind the scenes because you may leave traces which will lead to people you would not like to confront.



The Libra Full Moon will upset your friendships because it will make you acknowledge that people around you do not suit you anymore. Perhaps your partner highlights the fact because they see you waste time and energy in relationships that have nothing essential to offer. Perhaps you realise that you keep certain people close to you with whom you would like to have a more intimate relationship but it is probably impossible. Thus, it is time you stopped having futile hopes.



The Libra Full Moon will be an opportunity to realise that there is unfinished business on the professional level for which you must take action shall you wish to resolve it. You will likely confront somebody you would not like to have against you but, at the same time, it seems that there is no other way to defuse the situation. Perhaps you try and avoid conflicts on the domestic level but it seems utopian since certain disagreements can be worked through only if tones are raised.



The Libra Full Moon is a good opportunity to feel somehow lighter and go on an excursion somewhere where you will see things from another perspective. You feel the need to find yourself far from your intimate environment and take distance from situations which put pressure on you and make you lose your cool. You will find company only if you look for somebody beyond the people you associate with on a daily basis and only if you break free from the water-tight compartments of your life.



The Libra Full Moon will be a challenge to settle unfinished financial business and debts and, to this end, you will dare to ask for help from your surroundings. Perhaps you must redefine your role in the family budget and ask for bigger support from certain people. Perhaps you lose faith in the support you are supposed to receive from others and you decide to rely on yourself. It is not at all easy, though, at the current juncture.

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