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New Moon 12/4/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon at 22 degrees Aries on April, 12 in conjunction with Mercury and Venus and in square with Pluto in Capricorn seems to dynamite the balance between personal will and social complaints in the life of signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the third decanate.


On the one hand, there is strong personal will for complaints and changes, for the expression of uniqueness, and for your effort to operate at will. On the other hand, the social framework prohibits any deviation from norms and rules and punishes and limits the offenders. Thus, there is this conflict between the two worlds and the way you will manage to mitigate the two different powers, which are simultaneously expressed, is pretty interesting.



The New Moon in your sign is an opportunity to make decisions which aim to improve your image, to renew your interpersonal relationships, and to come out of your shell. Perhaps you decide to focus on yourself and do something to embellish your routine, or to add activities that keep you fit and improve your psychological state. Finally, it is a good moment to make a new professional beginning making sure that you break free from your past even if some people in your surroundings consider your reactions pretty subjective.



The Aries New Moon reminds you that it would be useful to get rid of objects and memories of the past from time to time. You currently have the opportunity to rid yourself of your amorous past and of heavy memories, and to decide to live without useless weights in your luggage. Perhaps you want to stop being the victim in a work environment that has changed and in which you have taken on some responsibilities that change your role.



The Aries New Moon will help you to be more extrovert and get in touch with people you need in your social circle or in your daily life. Perhaps you meet friends time and again and you retake certain activities which offer you the pleasure of group participation and action. Beware that there might be rifts with some people in your effort to be at the helm in certain occasions. This could also be an opportunity to clarify your role.



The Aries New Moon will be an opportunity to change speed in your professional life and to do something that makes you realise your role in the professional arena is different. You must change your image so as to approach more people without excluding the possibility to take distance from some of them who will try to cause a stir. If you start something new at the current juncture, bear in mind that you must be careful and plan your next steps based on the fact that you step on a minefield.



The Aries New Moon will be an opportunity to plan or go on a trip somewhere far from your familiar environment. Make sure you respond to this need of yours, you suggest this possibility to somebody you want by your side, and you widen your prospects so as to meet interesting people. Perhaps you decide to focus on your studies and speed up the developments in this field so as to make steps of progress in your career. Finally, beware of your communication because it might be pretty sharp and bold since there is no objectivity.



The Aries New Moon will be an occasion to hold a serious conversation with your better half and resolve amorous or financial issues. Perhaps your partner expresses their desires in an offensive and highly demanding way but you can respond to these complaints based on reason and argumentation. Perhaps you grow enthusiastic with the sexual chemistry between yourself and somebody you have met. However, you also have the opportunity to understand whether it is something casual or an acquaintance that could lay the foundations for a serious relationship.



The Aries New Moon might lay new foundations for your personal life and help you to find answers in a dialogue which should finally take place. Perhaps financial issues in your relationship are up for discussion and you must explain the fact that the two parties do not equally contribute to the specific living framework. Perhaps complaints and difficulties come to the surface which make you feel uncertain about the future. Thus, you probably wish to take distance from this relationship for a little while. On the professional level, if something changes in your role, make sure it is clear what it is you take on because you do not have the same view with the person who wishes to change your work pattern.



The Aries New Moon seems to change the flow of your routine because new tasks might be added in the job you have taken on. Perhaps you come closer to colleagues and collaborators, thus you must set rules and boundaries in this particular frame. Perhaps there is tension which is an occasion for a fight but, in reality, it is probably the source of an amorous spark between yourself and somebody from your environment.



The Aries New Moon is an opportunity to refresh your amorous life and make acquaintances that could remove loneliness from your life. Perhaps something new begins on the amorous level and you are ready to make announcements that will upset your surroundings. Perhaps you make the next step in your existing relationship which probably means that you have a child. Finally, you might decide to invest in something new on the professional level, make use of your talents, and work on a subject that is your personal inclination.



The Aries New Moon will draw your attention to your house, your foundations, and your relationship with people you share your life with. You had better decide whether you are willing to keep on associating with people who make your life difficult and whether you are ready to make changes in your interpersonal relationships. You must see a topic through and consider whether you have behaved in a way which disturbs your intimate circle of people. Finally, perhaps you look for a new house because your current one is not convenient anymore. You cannot decide on this by yourself though.



The Aries New Moon will be a good opportunity to express your thoughts, anguish and objections, namely to be heard. Perhaps there are actual obstacles in this effort and you must respect hierarchy or others’ inability to hear you out. At the same time, you cannot keep on burying your head in the sand. It is also time you planned or went on a trip and found yourself far from your existing environment for some time. Only then will you see things from a different perspective and be able to take a break from an exhausting reality.



The Aries New Moon is a good opportunity to settle financial issues. You had better set priorities regarding things you intend to buy, stop excessive expenditure, and settle your debts. At the same time, it would be useful to look after yourself and your image, improve your living conditions, and try to add moments which make you experience personal fulfilment.

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