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Full Moon 27/4/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio on April, 27 in opposition to Uranus in Taurus and in square with Saturn in Aquarius seems to highly impact on the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first decanate.


You will be called upon to be decisive and ready for situations which seem to have an influence on the stability of your life edifice. Perhaps you decide to screen out your personal life and take unexpected-for-your-surroundings actions. Perhaps you must react to others’ challenges which impact on your convictions since they target the roots of your beliefs and as a result, conflicts will take place that can be hardly contained within a proper frame. The Full Moon will bring hidden, suppressed, or overlooked sides of everybody’s personality to the surface. Thus there are changes in existing facts.



The Scorpio Full Moon will cause a stir in financial issues and might put your endurance to the test when it comes to unforeseen expenses and situations that challenge your devotion to the existing plan. Perhaps you feel insecure due to the other side’s inability to stay focused on your common goal due to their lack of will to fulfil the promises they have made. Perhaps there is financial turmoil because you are called upon to settle unfinished business which you planned to cover later.



The Full Moon opposite you will be a powerful moment for your interpersonal relationships. You must give answers in situations which have an impact on your interpersonal relationships and claim whether you acknowledge a delicate relationship which walks a tightrope. A new acquaintance, at the current juncture, could be an occasion to take more distance from your better half, lose faith in one another, and make the gap between yourselves bigger. You seek enthusiasm and change which you cannot find in a stagnant relationship.



The Scorpio Full Moon might change the facts of your daily life and cause a stir in the area of your work through moves and activities which you cannot necessarily control. There are likely changes in the flow of your life. Try and find balance in the new facts that have taken shape and look after your mental health by considering what your priorities are. Protect yourself and make sure you take notice of potential health issues that come up.



The Scorpio Full Moon might upset the amorous area of your life and make you realise that your relationship goes through a period of dynamic change and growth. If there is a new acquaintance and somebody new disturbs the balance in your life, it is neither something accidental nor a simple case. If your relationship goes through a rough patch, try and talk with friends so that they advise you and you stop seeing things through only one perspective.



The Scorpio Full Moon is a dynamic moment in your personal or professional life since you have to acknowledge that some dysfunctionalities endanger your life edifice. You had better look through a problem you deal with and prevent it from spreading because it could spoil a big part of your life. Perhaps it is useful that you put some collaborations to the test, through specific challenges you plan, knowing that the other side’s reactions can be abrupt and unexpected. If you are ready to deal with surprises and challenges, move ahead.



The Scorpio Full Moon will be an occasion to escape from your familiar routine and seek to express what you keep inside all along and poison you. You have the chance to speak up even if you disturb existing balances, you change facts, and you are provocative with your behaviour. You need to blow off steam and decompress but it might happen in an abrupt way. In the area of your relationships with relatives, make sure you are clear about your intentions and statements.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to disturb financial issues and make you find new balances in your relationship with your partner or collaborator. You are called upon to realise whether you can second some financial plans and whether you can increase your expenses even if they are not solely linked to you. You must put your relationship to the test and see whether the other side is willing to contribute to this new reality. Perhaps there are developments on the professional level and it is time you understood that you should claim more than what you are allowed to earn.



The Full Moon in your sign is an important juncture for your interpersonal relationships since you are called upon to pull the wires in a stagnant situation. You must prove you can take on initiative that will surprise or upset the other side since it will feel like an alarm bell in an idle situation. Perhaps you are the one who is taken by surprise and you are called upon to give answers and prove that you can keep your cool and your feet on the ground. It is a transitional period in your life which favours sudden changes of track so do not consider change as something that you should banish from your life.



The Scorpio Full Moon plays a dark and behind-the-scenes role in your life so make sure you are prepared for others’ unexpected moves. First of all, there seem to be developments on behalf of your colleagues and collaborators who decide to move at will and override existing rules. In addition, changes likely take place at work but they are not of your concern and as a result, you cannot understand what their impact on you is. Finally, it is time you looked after your health and yourself and you avoided being reckless and light-minded otherwise you will pay for it in the coming period.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to put your friendships to the test and challenge your ability to be a member of a group of people who have changed. Perhaps you realise that it is time you took on a new role in this group and you suggested something that could change the team’s goal, or you simply moved away. Perhaps you cope with your personal life and you want to make the next step in your relationship which will surprise many people in your surroundings.



The Scorpio Full Moon will be a powerful moment for your personal and professional life since you will be called upon to pass over the last trimester of your life in review. Perhaps you realise you are at a crucial moment when you are called upon to decide whether to move on decisively and dynamically or to leave. Perhaps you are under pressure and you want to escape your existing environment since the role you have taken on does not suit you. Perhaps you find it hard to fit in in a system which seems unbeatable, thus you are the black sheep. Perhaps you are promoted and you assume a very challenging position.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to set discussions and contacts in motion that can introduce a new cycle of thinking regarding your next steps. Perhaps you are at a place where you would like to stop operating in a specific way and to make a change in your routine but you cannot communicate it to your surroundings. Perhaps you find it hard to fit in in the facts that others have established for you and you cannot acknowledge the fact that you are forced to live according to others’ desires and intentions. However, what is in your head should finally find a way to be expressed in words.

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