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New Moon 11/5/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on May, 11 in Taurus is a moment when your interest will turn to the material aspect of life even though it is not the core element to approach happiness.

Perhaps you decide to settle unfinished financial business, pay off bills, and stop setting goals you cannot meet since you cannot afford them. You can stop living in a bubble of prospects about the future when they are not essential and realisable. On the personal level, it is time you coped with the physical aspect of your amorous life and focus on your sexual chemistry with your better half.



The Taurus New Moon will bring something new on the financial level and you will grade your needs somehow differently. Perhaps you realise that you need to escape routine and you look for an opportunity to go somewhere far and focus on your spiritual instead of material side. Perhaps you want to go on a trip and therefore you buy tickets, or you look for a place where you can spend some calm days in the coming months.



The New Moon in your sign highlights unfinished financial business and the need to protect your belongings. Perhaps you put more pressure on people who owe you money and you seek to sign professional agreements that could secure your future. Perhaps your remuneration changes or you try to stomach the new facts that have come up so as to integrate them in the new work routine which takes shape.



The Taurus New Moon seems to bring about behind-the-scenes action which can impact on you as well. Try and read the small print of contracts, focus on situations which only few people notice, and explore what is hidden in the shadow. If you work on something that you do not want to be known to many, it is the right moment to make your move, set your thoughts in motion, and plan the way you will meet your goal.



The Taurus New Moon will give you an opportunity to be more sociable, widen your circle of friends, and get in touch with people you have not seen in a long time. You will seek to have fun, meet people so as to have more choices in your life, and be interested in group activities that will help you break free from a strict routine. Perhaps you wish to approach a friend who can give you advice regarding your personal life so as to find solutions to certain questions of yours.



The Taurus New Moon will be an occasion to see your career from another perspective. It is time you were decisive and you overlooked some people’s intention to convince you to be more compassionate about certain things. Perhaps it is time you alienated people who manage to harm you and make you lose precious time. If you are ready to make an important professional step, be prepared for a role that will expose you to people who could be important for your future career.



The Taurus New Moon calls upon you to change the way you think and guides your professional and personal steps. Try and be more decisive and dare to openly speak about issues which should finally surface. Perhaps you decide to take up an educational activity that will help you to approach a new professional environment. Perhaps you widen your social circle because you want to make steps toward the development of your amorous life which has been stagnant lately.



The Taurus New Moon will be an occasion for you to initiate a substantial dialogue with your better half regarding relationship issues. Perhaps it is time you reviewed the financial aspect of your relationship and you found a balance between income and expenses because there seems to be none currently. Perhaps it is time you focused on your remuneration at work and you asked for something more than what you are paid because you think that your contribution is not suitably rewarded. Thus, it is time something happened to overcome this inequality.



The Taurus New Moon is a good opportunity to improve facts on the amorous level and approach somebody with whom you intensively flirt lately. Meeting somebody could bear a karmic sense at the current juncture and be the foundation for a relationship that will likely move forward. If you are in a relationship, the next step comes to the fore and perhaps it means that you have a child.



The Taurus New Moon could indicate your decision to make a change in your routine and to do something different about your nutrition and health. Perhaps you must cope with your physical wellbeing, change your nutritional habits, and pay attention to your image in the mirror so as to do something about it. Perhaps an intensive work period begins which means that your priorities change and you are called upon to reorganise the daily flow of your life. Finally, look after your relationships with colleagues and collaborators so as to avoid confrontations due to the inability of finding commonly accepted solutions.



The Taurus New Moon will be an occasion to see your personal life from a new perspective, come closer to your better half and improve your relationship. You could make a new beginning in your personal life and try to experience your amorous life in a newly shaped framework. Perhaps you need to spend time with your children or young people so as to look at the future more optimistically. Your need to associate with children perhaps indicates that you have matured enough so as to think about having your own.



The Taurus New Moon will be an occasion to cope with your house, make sure you redecorate, or buy some things that will help you feel better in it. Perhaps you think of moving into a bigger house and you feel the need to change place of residence. Perhaps you want to move into a new space because you are sick and tired of being in an environment where you feel like a prisoner. On the professional level, you receive a tempting offer mainly due to the financial benefit you will have shall you accept it. This prospect is only one side of the coin because you are called upon to think of the responsibilities you assume.



The Taurus New Moon motivates you to get out of your house, focus on its exterior, and remodel your space so as to be more optimistic about the future. Perhaps you want to plan a trip, be far from your place of residence, and spend time with people you have not seen in a long time. Finally, you have the opportunity to introduce a new and wider way of thinking and perception and be trained in a subject which could be the foundation for your new life.

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