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Saturn in Sagittarius
by signingstar

Periods when Saturn is in Sagittarius:

  • 24 December 2014 - 14 June 2015
  • 18 September 2015 - 19 December 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius affects mostly the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius with difficulties and structural changes as well as developments at professional and personal level through interpersonal relations. It also affects the signs of Virgo and Pisces in the area of public image, professional power, relationships with parents and changes in place of living. Saturn in Sagittarius is friendly to the signs of Aries and Leo because it will lay foundations to situations related to personal and professional life through education and marketing of their abilities, acquaintances with serious amorous interest, creation and birth which change their image towards the society. 

Saturn in Sagittarius will bring structural changes to issues of philosophical and religious discriminations at social level. It will raise big discussions and cause a stir in educational systems and commotion in education as there will be a gap between those who have access to it and those who do not.

It will cause social upheavals among peoples who ground their differences on religious belief, and it will form groups that will try to convert people to sects and to groups based on the power of the Religious Leader.

The gap between the prosperous countries and those with civil convulsions will grow bigger, and new philosophies will come up with a view to extolling the human spirit which goes beyond limits and rules set by the Establishment. The differences between those in favour of absolute personal freedom and those who believe in military and universal discipline in the face of a Leader acting as the Divine Power will be polarized.

There will be big judicial disputes the prize of which will be the strengthening of associations and the complete destruction of their opponents aiming at the domination of the strongest.

The West will try to gain a foothold in the East and the battle will be transposed between the power of money and the power of free spirit which struggles to remain independent of economic and material dependencies.

In particular, with Saturn in Sagittarius it is likely that you:



-    take up long-term studies with a view to making a professional change in three years from today;

-    make things lively with a job somewhere far away, in a new field of expertise, in groups of different people;

-    look for your personal demons in deeply rooted philosophies originating from your childhood;

-    avoid blaming the Universe and dark deities who do not allow you to succeed and prosper;

-    disrupt your professional career because your goals change;

-    disappoint people around you because you look for ways to show your diversity.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have an immense opportunity to deeply change your philosophy, to criticise yourself and correct your route in paths that lead you wherever you believe in. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you can blend your wishes and hopes with tangible realities.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, do not avoid to come in direct touch and to disagree with people who make you lose your faith in tomorrow, who block up the view to the meaning of life as it is expressed through your public image since they teach you the art of accepting diversity.



-    try very consciously to come closer to your partner so that you understand your own weaknesses in relation to how they reflect on your partner’s questions and objections towards you;

-    dare talk about the next step in your relationship shall you feel ready to assume more responsibilities than those you thought you could handle after three difficult years;

-    start clearing up your personal life through your difficulty to share with the other side starting off from sex all the way to a common bank account;

-    pay attention to arrangements and legal documents you sign and may be related to a wedding or professional partnership;

-    avoid to judge your love relationships based only on your sexual chemistry with the other side;

-    consider you will solve your financial insecurities through your connection with a person who could also be the financial foundation in your life.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have a huge opportunity to deepen your relationship and find a new connection with your partner, apart from sexual intercourse, and a down-to-earth relationship.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you must pay attention to your financial obligations in which a second person is involved because you may lose from connections-partnerships not based on balance.



-    radically reconsider your personal life dealing with your relationship with clarity, maturity and responsibility;

-    avoid the enthusiastic beginnings at love and professional level, and focus on the foundations you build in everything new that begins;

-    show your ability to handle situations in which you are called upon to grow physically and spiritually, and mature sentimentally;

-    avoid getting close to people who use manipulative and compulsive techniques to make people around them co-dependent;

-    are not scared with the possibility of staying alone or unemployed for some period so that you clarify your intentions and priorities.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you will have to reconsider the whole frame of your interpersonal relations because you will be faced with losses which will show you the size of your endurance. Crystallize your needs and do not be afraid to confide how safe you feel next to people who may be the better half in the picture you have in mind for your life down the road.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, do not avoid to take responsibility at sentimental level. If you need to proceed to a wedding or divorce, you should not act like a naive child but rather prove to those around you that you can handle situations the difficulties of which in the coming period you should be aware of.



-    crystallize the professional image that you wish the others to have about you as well as the status you wish to have in your identity right next to your name;

-    pay more attention to your health through activities which combine physical and spiritual exercise;

-    take steps to distinguish yourself in the work environment with the wish to assume the position that represents you;

-    avoid raising your voice to colleagues and business partners more than necessary so that you do not go too far;

-    remember you have a personal life otherwise your extreme obsession with career may cause troubles to your relationship;

-    stop living a daily routine which you do not change according to the new needs coming from your physical and spiritual well-being and clarity. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to lay more stable foundations at work as you will crystallize the partners who deserve to be by your side. Dare change your professional path and choose a profession which fills not only your pockets but also your soul considering that it touches your psychical talents.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, stop filling your day with useless activities, sick relationships and partnerships which make you dependent. You are called upon to try out new ways of everyday living, even through nutrition and exercise, with a view to reaching that point where you do not need to be nervous for a better future since today will be fulfilling. 



-    rationalise love so that you manage to crystallize your true feelings and be next to people with similar goals to yours;

-    clear up relationships which have left remnants in you and do not allow you to move on in your life body and soul;

-    get prepared to have a family;

-    look at your talents more seriously so that they are the structural foundations of your career which may take another direction;

-    stop investing in affairs and business partnerships with no future and no realistic view over life;

-    isolate yourself from friends and knowns because you wish to experience a love which seems to change your life perspective;

-    risk in a work environment which could be the corner stone in your effort to build your new professional profile.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, things will be sorted out at your love life as a relationship of yours will be judged by the likelihood of having a child. In the same time, you will settle old pending issues with a view to feeling free to move on. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, do not fall into the trap to not take seriously people who approach you with plans for a job which could be an immense opportunity for you. Remember though, that it is not time to try this out like a small child with a bowl of candies in front of it but you should choose the opportunity that is really worth it.



-    set the boundaries of your house so that you alienate people who have no reason to be part of your family or privacy;

-    expect changes in your personal life by deciding to break up or have a family without this decision of yours being a compromise according to social patterns;

-    start building your career from scratch with no loan-foundations and crutches but on the basis of your own ideas and ambitions;

-    stop living erratically and without programme considering that there will always be somebody by your side to fix your imperfections and mistakes;

-    avoid opening your wallet more that you can in order to satisfy others’ dreams;

-    do not remain in relationships or partnerships which get out of the limits you set so that they are functional.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, it is the right moment to lay more stable foundations for your career starting with moves at personal level so that you feel fine with your relationship or your home. It is time you distanced yourself from a safe shelter which oppresses your dreams and you stood close to people who dare widen your horizon.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you cannot continue playing innocent games at the expense of others at personal and professional level. Whatever you wish to develop, you will have to prove that you support it and you participate in it body, heart and soul.



-    get trained in a field which you aspire to be your new professional base for a different public image;

-    clear up things with relatives so that your differences show and the time for your common dreams to travel together mature;

-    alienate yourself from a neighbourhood which has tired you as it seems to grow old but you are not willing to follow it;

-    specify your frame of mind so that you are not anymore described as a diplomat in the derogatory sense of it;

-    look for the place which you think could become the land where you will build your safe family frame.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have the big opportunity to deal with your frame of mind to form a speech and philosophy which do not resemble a vast frame of thoughts with no beginning, middle and end. You have the opportunity to lay strong foundations for your new way of thinking.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you cannot continue living next to people who you think have a much older philosophy than yours because in such a case, you will look like the person who decided to retire before their time.



-    see about your finances starting with unnecessary expenses and purchases which seem to be too luxurious nowadays;

-    make sure you enhance your self-confidence through education and studies since you will have an opinion among people who focus on impressions;

-    make sure you sell property which starts losing its value the more you maintain it without using it;

-    confront people with regards to your ideas and philosophy so that you hear opinions which could be engrafted in your quiver of knowledge;

-    face difficult times financially because it is like if you build from scratch the system on which you will lay the foundations of your new professional image. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to stop seeing everybody around you as enemy or at least as opponent. After having cleared up your interpersonal relations, it is now the right moment to also clear up things in your head and invest in new knowledge. In addition, stand by your role within your relationship and do not be afraid to speak of your own value.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may have to work at short-term jobs not only due to financial reasons but also because this way you will get in touch with occupations you should try out to see whether they suit you.



-    make important professional moves related to the clarification of your goals regarding the way society sees you;

-    end a professional activity which does not seem to bring you any income;

-    stop a love affair which has no way to move to the next stage;

-    get used to the idea that your sex drive will be lower and you will have to dedicate more time in the search of your role inside the family or job;

-    change your identity through developments in your personal life which bring you closer to or further from the idea of family.

With Saturn in your sign, you must learn to limit the excessive personal freedom. You are called upon to shoulder responsibilities at personal and professional level which means that your free time management changes. You are not alone anymore as your moves are monitored and you are accountable to others.

With Saturn in your sign, you must stop acting without control. You will have to remove from your life comforts you were used to because you have to frame a life which learnt to spend without counting, a relationship with no rules or timelines, a professional image without thinking that you may be replaced someday. 



-    start dealing with your psychical issues without fearing whether old times surface like if they never existed;

-    see about your health and leave aside dangerous hobbies and activities that are not compatible with your age;

-    start a training in a field which you do not have to announce to others around you since it may bring to light your new professional status;

-    avoid relationships with people who seem to have laid no foundations in their life and have no clear targets and expectations;

-    be of service to and care for people in financial and emotional need with no return.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to start processing the end of a professional cycle through the beginning of a new professional career. Make sure you learn from people with wide spirit and you avoid dogmatisms. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you do not enjoy as much your personal life because two things may be happening. Either you choose unavailable partners because you consciously choose to get hurt for older sins, or you are involved in relationships which bog down soon enough and you feel like if you compromise without having asked for it.



-    clarify your role in work teams in which you can no longer be a part of the whole but that person who pulls the wires or disagrees or leaves;

-    narrow your circle of acquaintances maintaining people with status and power;

-    reconsider targets and hopes regarding your love life as you must face the future with a fresh look;

-    support people in your friendly environment who deal with difficult situations in their personal and professional life;

-    clarify your political views in order to belong to the team which represents you to the bottom of your heart. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you are called upon to build up your own team with the members of which you do not have to sign in order to agree with the obvious. You will have to assume the position of the leader and make moves with a view to making your positions known and which may result in you changing career.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, it is the right moment to clear up your friendly environment and reconsider the choice of some people who do not suit your changing philosophy, which in the same time leads you to decisions regarding your love life. Be careful of being tempted by an acquaintance with hidden messages but not of amorous content.



-    deal with the future of your career through inspiring fields;

-    travel to a distant country to rediscover the meaning of life;

-    clear up your love life even through an intense and difficult divorce;

-    confront people with conservative views as it is high time people, who think of a better future, surfaced;

-    face difficulties with your parents, bosses and partners who may acquire power and authority, who may lay burdens on you, who are capable of making you nervous even with one word. 

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have a very big opportunity to establish your professional image by progressing in your career. Dare compare yourself to powerful people and prove why you can take the lead in situations where people, who have the qualities of a leader, are needed.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may have to move in order to start over in your personal life. You will clarify the blurry landscape in your relationship and following this, you will enter dynamically your new environment. If you are attacked though, by the other side, you should know that it will not be easy to justify shyness and amorous foul play.


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