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Moon Nodes in Virgo/Pisces
by signingstar

The axis of the Moons Nodes (North/South Node) moves to the Virgo/Pisces axis at dawn of 12 November 2015 and will remain until 9 May 2017. Throughout this period, the North Node will be in Virgo while the South Node will be in Pisces which means that Virgo/Pisces, Gemini/Sagittarius (mainly) will stand against karmic challenges in their lives that signal changes in their direct interpersonal relationships at personal as well as professional level.

The lesson of the axis of the Moons Nodes is linked to the advisable use of talents, knowledge and abilities aiming at their further development without somebody being chained with them but also without anathematising them. The goal is to enter a future without feeling naked but also without carrying along weighs. The North Node opens doors, windows or paths for the next step in life while the South Node maintains the chains to the past; this does not mean that the North Node is praised and the South Node should be burnt.

North Node in Virgo expresses the need for cleansing, reclamation and crystallisation of ideas, viewpoints, activities, habits with a view to purifying a daily ritual that may focus on the tree and miss the forest. The point is to make clear that not all the trees are the same (South Node in Pisces) and what matters is to choose the tree that fits the healthy balance of body and spirit (North Node in Virgo). The distinction between what is useless and what is useful, between fat and nutritious ingredient, between logic and fantasy, between justification and dissimulation, between body building as the carrier of the soul and the dismantlement of the soul through the disdain of the body are some activities that will give birth to bipolar situations with their own tension, dynamics and demand for the role of the protagonist on stage.

The periods when the battle between logic and fantasy, truth and lie, the tree and the forest will be tense are those during which there will be eclipses in the Virgo/Pisces axis (Solar eclipse in Pisces on 9 March 2016, Solar eclipse in Virgo on 1 September 2016, Lunar eclipse in Pisces on 16 September 2016, Solar eclipse in Pisces on 26 February 2017), during the long stay of Mars in Sagittarius (in general from 6 March 2016 until 26 September 2016 including a period when Mars turns retrograde) as well as between December 2015-July 2016 when Jupiter and North Node will be in close or wider conjunction in Virgo.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in the Virgo/Pisces axis, that is your 6th/12th Solar house, brings you to the backstage of your life. You are called upon to get rid of people, memories, objects, to open wardrobes in which you hide something that haunts you, to start dealing with your soul with the wish to rationalise what you feel. On the other side, at professional level, you may be given a role consisting of daily routine with a view to serving and participating in groups so as to test whether you can stop being the leader. The scene on which the lights are changes so it is time you checked your health, you quit heavy eating habits, you worked out according to your abilities and you dared to prioritise your life differently because your rhythms will change. This last sentence is a big deal because you will be confronted with choices that did not function and you will have to admit your mistakes and omissions.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 5th/11th Solar house axis is an excellent opportunity for something beautiful to be born or start in your life. With North Node in Virgo, the priority is to make the next step in your relationship (having a child is one of the possibilities) or to seek for love time and again. You are a practical person though and there is no love without logic which means that you will not go with your feelings unless you check the daily routine of a possible relationship. At professional level, try to be the voice of reason in a team effort and be the person who sets the timeframes and leads team missions to success. In the next one and a half year, you can see your life blossoming as long as you balance logic with sensitivity in your daily routine and you do not experience the afore-mentioned sentence as a movie title.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in the Virgo/Pisces axis signals the period of almost one and a half year when important changes will take place in the bipolar situations of home/work, career/family, parents/marriage. You will be under the influence of pressure and changes so you had better keep in mind that you will have to often clear your thoughts, to take distance from toxic viewpoints and people that offer you nothing, to dare to cut free from the past and to look straight into the future. Sometimes you may be confused between logic and feeling, you may be carried away with constant purposeless changes, you may dive into the chaos of irrelevant-between-them targets. Therefore, you had better be surrounded by people with a clear vision about the future. Your relationship is at a crossroads so you had better keep your eyes open to the challenge for the next move. Finally, remember that the foundations you will lay for your career seem to be very important so as to move on with your development.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in the Virgo/Pisces axis is good news for you because the tense period of the last two years comes to an end when you felt that you had to take decisions which could not be postponed or overlooked. The following period of one and a half year gives you the opportunity to widen your spiritual horizons, to focus on an educational subject that will also give you a certificate, to change place of residence due to studies or due to your decision to work on something different. In addition, you will have the opportunity to come closer to relatives and be useful one to another or to clarify some issues among you. Finally, make sure you add more trips to your life because they may be the reasons for acquaintances that will teach you a lot.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 2nd/8th Solar house axis gives you the opportunity to make some financially related moves that can change your priorities at professional level. It is the highest time you cared for you interest, you focused on your remuneration and material reward and you left good words aside or in the back of your mind. You will have to grade your expenses and needs, to prioritise anew and to come down to earth. It is also likely that you are confronted with amorous dilemmas between romance and logic, between blinding love and a realistic relationship. In the coming one and a half year, you may have to work more so as to clarify your priorities but at the end of this period, you will know yourself better so as to also know what you miss in order to feel complete.



The North Node in your sign (and the South Node respectively in Pisces) signals a very karmic period in your life during which you have the opportunity to set targets, choose directions, make beginnings, choose company, get passionate at the moment of logic and rationalise your passions. You will feel the need to put yourself on a first footing and express not only what you think but also what you feel like and are your talents. You may get married and have a family or break up so as to follow your heart which seeks for love time and again. You may be promoted professionally or quit a routine job to follow your dreams. In the end, what matters is not to stay alone but to become one in a relationship which defines your dreams for the next stages of your life differently. 



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 6th/12th Solar house axis will move the lights from you and will ask you to deal with issues related to the balance of body and soul. It is likely that you have to clarify work matters or distinguish your position from that of colleagues that bother you. The way you work may come to an end and you will have to change subject or environment. You may also feel the need to deal with your body, to work out, to change your nutrition, to start new diets, to focus on some therapies. What really matters in the end is to make the necessary moves so as to clear your life from toxic presences, haunted memories and dead-end plans.  



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 5th/11th Solar house axis is very good news in comparison to what you experienced in the last one and a half year because you are given the opportunity to become social, to get involved in groups, to fall in love and shout it out loud, to become creative time and again. You may have the opportunity to have a child but at the same time, remember to also set professional goals mainly through team efforts. You may come along a new love that lures you and makes you dream but at the same time, keep friends close to you who can bring you down to earth and speak the language of reason. You may be fooled and deceived but at the same time, have realistic targets so as not to fall on the floor making noise. During this one and a half year, something very beautiful may be born so long as your feet are on the ground while you dream.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 4th/10th Solar house axis seems to bring developments in the areas of career/family, to lead you to decisions that affect these two areas maybe even simultaneously. It is very likely that you have the opportunity to make the next step in your career, to climb higher in the hierarchy or leave an environment wishing to create something of your own. What you must remember though is that it is important to remain realistic and make sure that your plans are down to earth. On the other side, if something changes at home (a marriage and a child, moving out, a change in your parentslife), avoid functioning instinctively and try to set up the right frame so that your life is functional again. It seems that 2016 in particular has decided to change your life and you need to maintain balances that are not easily manageable.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 3rd/9th Solar house axis is a good opportunity to widen your spiritual horizons through trips and educational activities. Following a long period when you were pressured at home or at the professional environment, it is time you opened the door of your house or your office and dare to escape with the possibility that your professional status changes. Moving out during the next one and a half year helps you lay the foundations anew for your life and discover reasons to love your job. In addition, you have the opportunity to be trained in a new subject or field which helps you widen your perspective for life and discover new reasons to be optimistic for the future.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your 2nd/8th Solar house axis will bring developments mostly at financial level because you must combine your perspective regarding innovations and new facts with realistic moves. Cooperate with people who keep their feet on the ground and make sure you combine ideas and work, instinct and logic so as to have good results at your new professional effort. At amorous level, sex is a very good test as to whether you feel well in your relationship because you may be carried away by a new acquaintance with big words and dreams without knowing whether the physical chemistry with the other person can maintain your relationship alive.



The axis of the Moons Nodes in your sign (North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces) signals karmic changes and developments in your life. On the other hand, you are equipped with your rich emotional world which is the basis on which a unique amorous relationship may be built. On the other hand, you or the better half must add logic to it so that the relationship is a part of your whole life. On the one side, there is inspiration that leads to creative artistic and professional expressions. On the other side, the remuneration for your services, the value of your talent must be estimated. The Moons Nodes in the axis of your sign is an opportunity to turn chaos into substance and add inspiration to the earthy dimension of life. Will you dare to do so?

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