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Moon's Nodes in Leo/Aquarius axis
by signingstar

The axis of the Moon’s Nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius on May 9; the North Node enters Leo while the South Node Aquarius. There are big responsibilities for change and development for the representatives of the fixed signs/ascendants (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius).

Developments seem to be rapid and to upset existing structures and situations that have taken the shape of an establishment, mainly during the periods of the eclipses (August 2017, February and August 2018) as well as when Mars is in Aquarius (approximately mid-May until mid-November 2018).

The Moon’s Nodes leave the axis of Leo/Aquarius on November 6, 2018. A period of almost one and a half year with structural changes in situations in which the heart must be heard comes to an end. The purpose is to bring balance to reason which has almost turned into a frightened paralysis in view of the birth of something new.



The North Node in Leo will bring to surface the challenge of giving birth to a love, a creation or a child that bears your personal stamp. This means that your personal ego grows, or you might be arrogant when you reach decisions. You might be rather authoritative so as to scream that you have your own personal and unique signature, and you are not afraid of using it. The South Node in Aquarius indicates that you will use sociability as your weapon to find ways out for personal expression. You might find love thanks to your friends or a wider social circle. You might have the stimulus to have a child or the need to express your individual creative disposition.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you invested in your heart and you left your mind aside. Your personal stamp goes through decisions which make your blood boil and your body vibrate passionately in the heat of the moment.



With the North Node in Leo, your house or the environment in which you feel safe is the epicentre of developments. You might feel you are called upon to focus on the domestic area of your life either because you have a family or because you need to take distance from an environment that has finished its cycle; hence you seek a new base. You might wish to work from home which means that you spend more time in it; you wish to create a shelter in which you may leave your personal stamp. On the other side, the South Node in Aquarius signals a period of professional changes with the purpose of changing your public image. You either change your professional status or you suddenly change career. It does not mean that you must fully focus on that area because what really matters is to always stay in touch with the space where your heart feels well.


In a nutshell, I would say that you are called upon to properly build the space where you feel well throughout the day, and leave aside professional transfers which simply bring a new boss above your head.



The North Node in Leo is beneficial for the way you think and communicate because it broadens your horizon. You will have the opportunity to start a new subject of studies which may raise the appreciation towards you and may help you find your feet in an attempt to improve your career. You might equip yourself so as to ask for more at your existing job or to seek a new job position that could be an effort to change career. In addition, you had better come out of the narrow frame of your daily routine, and you had better travel. You will have a change of scenery but you will also meet people who make your heart beat again. The South Node in Aquarius will help you accept people’s diversity but it might also be a drag on your effort to use your heart and feelings for any new beginning. This might happen because you use your mind much more than you should. As a result, you take distance from people and situations in which you are called upon to use your heart.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you dare send your heart back to school. You should give it the opportunity to be fed with words and feelings in view of challenges ahead of you. The aim is to present the new identity on which you work.



The North Node in Leo seems to bring new financial facts to your life thanks to the trust you will show in yourself and your talents which you are called upon to sell dear to people around you. You must look after yourself following some relationships and partnerships that led to a dead-end. Hence, you must show off and shine even in a blurry scenery. You may have a pay rise, go after a better job position or seek to have a relationship in which you wish to be in the limelight; you do not want to be the one who always looks after the other side. With the South Node in Aquarius, you find reasons to consider yourself inadequate to be the protagonist in relationships and partnerships. At the same time, you have the opportunity to flee situations that are not warm from the beginning. You are called upon to understand that your heart is too precious to put it in auction or under the orders of people who simply look for a game to pass their time.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you dare value yourself even if this means that you take distance from relationships and partnerships that used to offer you a sense of security; it looks like a prison for your desires in the end.



With the North Node in your sign you will make moves which prove that you are ready to be exposed and ask for what you think you deserve without burying your head in the sand. You will end relationships and partnerships that are based on habit and repetition by taking decisions that some consider arrogant. The truth is you cannot stand walking a path where you learnt how to walk. You would like to listen to your heart at last and take part in new adventures. You are called upon to bear in mind that, by saying too much and doing too little, you just broaden the circle around you without getting any pleasure out of it. If you do things that surprise others, you disturb stagnant waters and you realise whether people around you believe in you or just admire you living through impressions. The South Node in Aquarius will bring people and opportunities that test the balance between mind and heart, and ask you to avoid living life to the fullest. Settle unfinished business, talk about your self-image and do not operate according to the musts and rules of a degraded society that sinks into inaction.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you become yourself, claim the love you can offer and avoid being consumed all around; otherwise you will not be able to commit to something that harmoniously complements you.



With the North Node in Leo, you are called upon to make some concessions in view of people’s intentions who seem to be in the spotlight and seem to be able to set the rules without much fuss. You must discover new professional roles and focus more on your personal well-being and less on serving others. You will be concerned with your health which will force you to change your way of living. You will reach decisions that add more years of life to your encumbered heart. Furthermore, you had better do internal work and not focus on your image. You wish to improve yourself through exercises of courage to express your heart without being hindered by others’ complaints. The South Node in Aquarius will upset your daily routine. This is something you are called upon to handle with inner self-discipline. Avoid being involved in long-lasting partnerships and professional commitments unless you think you are in the environment of your heart; someplace where you are not threatened by anything or anybody.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you focus on yourself and leave others aside for a while. However, if you found that one person who makes you feel complete, you should stop being afraid of opening your heart.



The North Node in Leo is a good opportunity to broaden your social circle and find yourself in teams that are about to start new professional plans. You might want to develop your artistic interests or dare set up some groups in which you wish to talk about the beauty of image. At the same time, the South Node in Aquarius seems to bring new amorous excitement or the opportunity to develop your existing relationship by having a child or spending more time with your children. You must always ask your heart, though, whether it agrees on what the mind advocates. If the views are discordant, you will most likely lose your balance without any reason behind this action.


In a nutshell, I would say it is the highest time you listened to your heart; not your mind and people around you. Your contact with people who give priority to their heart might be the best school you have attended. You will graduate with a diploma on love for who you are and what you choose to express.



The North Node in Leo is a big bet for your career because you seem to have the opportunity to make your leadership skills known to many more people than the ones who already know you. You will have to break free at professional level. You might even have to break the chains with people who thought could rely on you. You wish to be someplace where you have the possibility to express your creative talents. On the other side, the South Node in Aquarius shows that there are changes in the status of your personal and domestic life even if you have to leave a structured living space. However, changing house or working place frequently is not the solution to the problem. You seek to find ways to express your personality and these changes disorientate you and do not open new paths for you.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you dare speak and act from your heart, and leave aside any mind games. Truth and generosity will amply reward you. 



The North Node in Leo will be a good reason to look beyond your familiar range of vision and be in places that help you broaden your circle. You will have the opportunity to cope with that master’s degree you left unfinished, to finish it and to find out reasons to come out of an imprisoning and stressful professional reality. There will be possibilities to travel somewhere far time and again, and these trips will be good reasons to associate with people that you do not meet in your daily life. You may speak again about issues that make you optimistic. Finally, you have the opportunity to start organising your thoughts with the purpose of giving shape to a story that you have in mind for long but cannot structure yet since your heart was not in it. The South Node in Aquarius will second your intention to start over with your studies. Relatives will support you or you will feel the urge to do something more than living your daily routine. Furthermore, your need to learn new things might help you go on a trip that some have proposed. There, you might meet somebody who will make your heart beat following a period when you saw the break up of relationships due to intellectual distance or distance in kilometres.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you dare become an explorer of life time and again, and escape from a familiar living environment which serves filtered-by-others air.



The North Node in Leo might be a good reason to be attached to somebody in a way that proves you are finally close because you understand the dynamic that is produced by your relationship and not your solitary courses. A relationship at the current juncture seems to be linked to the transformation of your life. You will be next to somebody who aims at making you believe in sharing and offering, who helps you leave aside any doubts regarding the future of your very close relationships. At the same time, you will realise that the meaning of time is only a tool so you should not postpone something for later when you can experience it today. Missing an opportunity will be a lesson you will take in the most defining way. With the South Node in Aquarius, you realise that your distance from things is something that protects you from pitfalls. However, you also miss exceptional opportunities. When you understand that connection always wins over distance, you will realise that you are presented with the opportunity to feel complete through a relationship and partnership with no limits and rules; they are simply based on the contract of heart.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you seize the opportunity to fall in love and be connected without fearing you might lose your personal freedom. You will learn about wealth thanks to a present from the other side that you are not forced to pay back.



The North Node across from you will be a good opportunity to be in relationships and partnerships the kicking point of which is trust based on the heart and not the mind. You might be called upon to be involved in certain situations. You must decide whether to participate in them or not by causing a conflict between your mind and heart, and by struggling between the passion you are offered and the security of taking distance from the challenges. In such a case, you might feel you have to leave behind past and present choices so as to go on a ride to the unknown. At the same time, you can decide whether this challenge bears the elements of coming down to earth. The South Node in your sign is a good opportunity to discover opportunities to take distance from tense situations since you are reasonable enough to see whether you are in danger or not. Try to keep on being in environments which offer you some kind of security but also dare move outside of them. Try to see whether you can dance in unfamiliar rhythms without shutting the door to the room where your comfort zone is.


In a nutshell, I would say you have the opportunity to revive a relationship that is plunged into habit and repetition. Give the helm to the other side that seems to be willing to take you to places you have not seen.



The North Node in Leo is a good opportunity for you to put your daily routine in order in case there is no flow in it anymore that would allow you to maintain your physical as well as psychological health. At professional level, it is important that you are calm and avoid any tensions which means that you might reject roles which you tried and you understood they do not make you happy. You might be the one who helps others find inner peace by turning your career towards mostly an inner quest and leaving aside material pleasure and others’ admiration. The South Node in Aquarius might bring to surface health issues you forgot about and make you realise that everything in life follows a circular flow. You will be concerned about the way you will manage to take distance from things that affect you, and you will have to find a way to escape from the trap of serving others.


In a nutshell, I would suggest you organise your daily routine so as to find the physical and psychological health you have been looking for through ways which led to dead-ends up until today.

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