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About Signingstars

About Signingstars

About me

I was born in the summer of 1975 in Athens and I grew up in an environment in which Astrology was considered as another newspaper column and nothing more. In fact, most of the times I used to ignore that short column in the newspaper I was reading and it almost never attracted my attention.

When I was called upon to decide what I would study, I only knew that I was inclined to exact sciences although I had a special bond with writing essays. When I got into university, I never thought that I would ever ask myself why I decided to cope with equations and electrons, integrals and pH, the uncertainty principle and orbitals, with a degree and a PhD in hand.

One day, at an inspiration of the moment back in the summer of 2006, I remembered that at the age of 17 an amateur astrologer had mentioned two facts about my future which stamped themselves in my mind. As I was looking for him anew to reach a conclusion with regards to my professional future, www.stardome.gr and a range of predictions which “scratched” my soul came to my notice.

Following a series of karmic events and coincidences, I was given the opportunity to contribute to www.stardome.gr and indulge in Psychological Astrology starting off with books in foreign languages; which I continue doing up until today. To make a long story short, in less than five years, I had already started writing astrological predictions for several publications in my attempt to avoid just filling up one more column. In the same time, I kept on working in the field of exact sciences as a researcher in Universities and an employee in related companies; something that I’m still doing today. What I hadn’t though realised yet was that I wanted to write in general outside the strict clichés of astrological predictions.

It was then on January, 1 2011 when I decided to set up an astrological blog which in November of the same year was transformed into this astrological website so that I could write Astrological Predictions tinged with a psychological perspective. Simultaneously and gradually since then, my cooperation with other websites as well as publications kicked off and continues to this day.

What I wish to mention in this introductory acquaintance with you is that an astrological prediction is nothing more than the opportunity for new and right questions. Every question is meant to lead you deeper and deeper into your own core, where there is no wrong or right but only the compatibility or incompatibility of your choices with the amalgam you are made of. If you keep asking more and more personal questions, therefore more and more annoying to endure, then the Astrological Predictions will follow and reconfirm your choices since you’ll be walking the path of your soul.

I would like to conclude with an “IF”. What would have happened IF in the summer of 2006 I hadn’t discovered the astrological predictions of www.stardome.gr, and instead I had visited again the amateur astrologer who told me when I was 17 that in the future I would work under the Sky? Would I have understood that the phrase under the Sky was maybe related to Astrology? The point is that I got my answer and some years later I continue developing it. Hence, what counts in astrological predictions is not the knowledge of what will happen to you tomorrow but whether you are on the path of your soul, on paths which will comprise gifts as well as obstacles.

In the end, what really matters in life is to be able to express all your sides because the analytical thinking of exact sciences without the emotional expression, which Psychological Astrology aims at, is nothing more than an attempt to live the yin without the yang (or vice versa), your attempt to heal without having healed your own soul first.

With regards,

Giorgos Sofianis

About Zoe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who came to this world an early August morning when the sun was burning in the sky of Athens. She spent the first 12 years of her life playing outside, leading groups of other youngsters – usually getting into mischiefs, moving around Greece every almost two years, reading, learning languages, swimming, singing, dancing, acting and taking care of her younger brother when necessary. Life couldn’t be any sweeter…

Then, one dark day, her parents announced that there would be no more moving, that she should focus on her education and give up most of her beloved hobbies and pleasures… Yes, Middle Ages had hit her world which started crumbling down piece by piece. For six years, there would be nothing but school books, private lessons and all the pressure one can imagine for that girl to have a brilliant career somewhere abroad; to reach high and make everybody proud. And so she did… She won’t recall much of that period anymore except for the endless hours of writing letters to her pen-friends around the world and daydreaming as a way to escape from reality. She would only close her eyes and fictional stories would just pop up in her mind. Her dreamy world was real but only in her dreams…

At 18, the first step to freedom was made. University life far from home! The girl would still follow studies she wasn’t really fond of but hey, who cared? The time had come when she would be semi-independent and she would travel around the world! And no one was to stop her… Buses, planes, boats, cars, hitch-hiking… any means and any way she could find to escape and discover new worlds. She moved abroad and opened a new life cycle, still running away from something… but what was it?

It took me another 7 years to find out that I was running away from “me”. I became aware of the fact that I was living somebody else’s life when my life burned down to ashes from one day to another. It was that dark, cold, cloudy morning of February 2013 when I looked at myself in the mirror and I just couldn’t recognise that person. I started looking for answers and this is how I bumped into www.signingstars.gr and Giorgos Sofianis who gave me hope and helped me recreate myself.

I’m now more than happy for my background in European affairs and the opportunity I was given to work in the European environment of Brussels. Languages did pay off after all and my master’s degree in translation brought me to Europe’s capital. But that little girl is still inside me and hasn’t stopped kicking and screaming to go after her real dreams and heart’s desires!

I’m Zoe, which in Greek means “life”, and I’m at my heart and soul’s command. I work as a systemic family counsellor and I’m training to become a social psychologist and a psychotherapist. I’m fascinated with psychological astrology, which I practice as a counsellor, and improvisation comedy theatre. I dance (biiiiiiiig love for African music), I act, I go to the movies, I volunteer, I teach languages, I translate, I travel. I lend an ear and give advice when asked, I meditate, I spend as much time as possible with children and teenagers who are my endless inspiration and every day, I discover a new café or idea or book or… Family, friends and my amazing god-daughter are my most valuable assets, while the biggest lesson I’ve taken so far is the sweetness of doing nothing!


Astrological Predictions with Psychological Touch by Giorgos Sofianis

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