Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

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What is your relationship with time?


2023 seems to be a year that will introduce a three-year-long period of pressure and trial in the professional and domestic areas of your life following several years when you had the opportunity to make important moves of personal growth. Saturn enters Pisces on March, 7 and in combination with Jupiter in Taurus as from May, 16, they seem to highlight that it is time you paid more attention to your job than you used to. You are called upon to answer whether you can shoulder weights, pull the wires, and take responsibility to lead others towards the goal you have set together. Perhaps you receive a better job offer which, however, consists of more obligations that you cannot ignore. Thus your free time will be limited. Perhaps you leave a job that has completed its cycle and you want to search inside so as to understand what suits you and what your next professional environment should be. If there are changes at home, it is time you understood that time goes by and leaves scars on you which you probably cannot see unless you focus on the mirror. Make sure you love yourself and you are prepared for your new identity that will take its final shape next year.



Jupiter is in Aries until May, 16 and you have opportunities to be more sociable, make new friendships, and believe you can contribute to a society which goes through changes and developments. You may take initiatives, operate at will, and seek to transmit ideas and views which others could find interesting. Perhaps you want to do something to disturb stagnant waters and set up a team or association that you think can bring about societal change. On the other hand, you might be highly fanatic with your views and be more subjective regarding social opinions and actions since you wish to highlight your need to be heard and make your mark. Therefore there might be tensions with people you associate with because you seem willing to dissociate yourself and take your own individual road. On the personal level, you have the opportunity to move forward with your relationship which might translate into having a family.


Jupiter enters Taurus on May, 16 and will stay there until the end of the year. Your endurance and dynamic seem to be reduced and you get to be more introvert. Perhaps you want to focus on work, roll up your sleeves and follow a repetitive daily programme which gives you the opportunity to be devoted to your goal. Perhaps you find yourself in a new work environment and you want to properly know your surroundings. As a result, you avoid being exposed to them and you prefer to be a team member. Finally, it is time you coped with your health, you looked after your nutrition, and you took care of your constitution. Try and do some detox, remove from your diet useless food full of toxins, and attune your daily life to your constitution’s well-being. Perhaps you realise that you are called upon to change the way you workout because you understand that your body has got different needs from the ones it used to have.



Saturn will be in Aquarius until March, 7 and it is a good opportunity to process your way of thinking, focus on your views, and give a more solid shape to your ideas. Perhaps you sit the final examinations for a diploma that will help you on the professional level and you better equip yourself so as to improve your job position. Perhaps you can hardly finish an activity you take part in and you realise that it is not at all easy to successfully overcome the last obstacles in order to obtain a long-awaited diploma.


Saturn enters Pisces on March, 7 and will remain there until the beginning of 2026. This signals the beginning of a there-year-long period when many things will change regarding your public image. In 2023 you will realise that some people expect you to take more initiatives and assume a different role which you should second to the very end no matter how difficult it is. What matters is that you understand whether you can lead situations in the direction they are already into or you will follow others’ choices and intentions. You cannot be a leader without having a specific plan and programme in your hands. It is an act of responsibility and complete devotion and not a frivolous choice. Perhaps you have a hard time at work because there are changes in the hierarchy and as a result, you can hardly fit in with the frame you are offered. Conflicts may result in cutting the painter so make sure you are prepared for the consequences of what you are about to do. On the domestic level, you will have to take on a different role in your relationship or family which might mean that the torch is handed over to you. Your parents age and it is visible. Somebody’s absence will be felt more but you also seem ready to claim what you dream of. Remember that dream and reality must be interconnected and should not move in two different directions.



The first set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on April, 20 at the last degree of Aries in square with Pluto in Capricorn and it puts your role within social groups and activities to the test. You will likely take initiatives, pull the wires and test whether you can be at the helm of situations in which others are also involved. The fact that some people think they should be higher up in hierarchy stems from their experience and conviction that you are too young or inexperienced to have an actual opinion about things. The Lunar eclipse that follows on May, 5 at 14 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus seems to disturb stagnant waters on the professional level and trial your endurance in a work space that does not seem to be able to touch you anymore. Your relationships with colleagues and collaborators will be tested and you will be called upon to decide whether you can follow others’ orders or you seek to disengage yourself. Finally, look after yourself by starting off with your mental health since you cannot neglect your inner world; it will have an impact on your image too.


The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 14 at 21 degrees Libra in conjunction with Mercury, in opposition to Chiron in Aries and in square with Pluto in Capricorn and has an impact on your love life. Perhaps you realise that you lack excitement in your personal life, you have reached stagnation, and you cannot find reasons to get up in the morning. Perhaps you understand that you criticise your relationship and you compare it with those of your surroundings because you see that you have lost your goal and you have let the other side take you in the direction they wish. Finally, if you have children, it is time you coped with them and you considered the fact that they may take their own way and you take distance from them. The Lunar eclipse on October, 28 at 5 degrees Taurus in opposition to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio seems to make you consider whether you find pleasure in your life. Perhaps you realise that your reality is void and you take distance from situations that can offer you amorous and sexual satisfaction. Perhaps there are problems at work and you acknowledge the fact that you look like a stranger in an environment that changes course without being able to follow it.


North Node

The North Node will be in Taurus until July, 17 and the South Node will be in Scorpio respectively. Your need to get rid of useless and outdated things and situations is highlighted. Perhaps this means that you might be about to free yourself from material goods and bodily pleasures and that you seek satisfaction and happiness through spirituality. Perhaps you end your professional collaboration in an environment in which you have been for quite some time but which does not fulfil you anymore since you set your priorities differently. Perhaps you decide to cope with your nutrition, change your habits, and lose weight. Perhaps you embrace a healthier way of living and you change the course of your life as it led you to pathways that do not serve you anymore.


The North Node enters Aries and the South Node enters Libra respectively on July, 17 and will signal the beginning of a new period which seems to be more extrovert for you. You have the opportunity to make amorous acquaintances, to flirt, and to decide that you cannot be stuck with stagnant acquaintances and relationships. At the same time, you will have a greater interest in the course of society and you might want to take part in groups and activities which aim at changing existing structures. Perhaps this means that you rebel against the system but you could also simply have a more critical view on things without just standing against them.

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