Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

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The future through the shadows of the past


2023 is a crucial year because, after three years, Saturn will leave Aquarius in March and you will be called upon to decide whether you feel that you stand on your own feet or you are worn out and left without any power. At the same time, Jupiter enters Taurus as from mid-May and you will review whether you are willing to trial yourself in a new professional field or you will be hemmed in in a work environment that makes you feel secure but does not help you spread your wings. The aforementioned might refer to your personal life because you can hardly fit in with a relationship that has completed its cycle and you try to compromise with unacceptable facts. It seems that you make decisions that could shock you and your close people alike mainly during the second half of the year. It is obvious that you cannot shoulder any more pressure.


Remember that Pluto will enter Aquarius between end of March and beginning of June and will mostly have an impact on the representatives who were born on the very first days of the sign/ascendant. You will come across situations which aim at transforming you and you might go through losses that you cannot handle yet. Remember that you have the opportunity to get in touch with your inner world, search inside, and discover reasons why it is worth setting goals for the future.



Jupiter is in Aries until May, 16 and this will give you opportunities to be extrovert, to get in touch with people from abroad, to study and to travel. During the first five months of the year you could finish an educational activity and speed up so as to get a diploma that will equip you for your career. Perhaps you have opportunities to travel and visit places you have not seen in a long time and to have a change of scenery as you really need it following the pressure of the last two years. Perhaps you are more sociable and active in group and social actions because you want to set an example for people who are idle and do not realise the wider changes in humanity.


Jupiter enters Taurus on May, 16 and will make you claim bigger benefits in your career. You could have the opportunity to reap the rewards of the last two years and take on a role that pays more but also makes you more visible to the wider public. You will have to take on heavier responsibilities of course and carry away people who do not take action unless they are led by somebody with vision and hope. However, you can also give shape to others’ consciousness. On the domestic level, it is time you clarified some things and you stopped being the punching bag for your surroundings. Try and settle unfinished business on the financial level and keep what you deserve otherwise some close people will make you shoulder their responsibilities and obligations. You might seem more selfish than usual but only this way will you clarify your position and resolve differences with people who take advantage of you.



Saturn will be in Aquarius until March, 7 and seems to put pressure on the representatives who were born on the last days of your sign. You come across people who put your tolerance toward different views to the test. Perhaps you are under pressure to do what the other side wants and confront opinions you disagree with but you need to make mutual compromises. Perhaps you are under a lot of pressure on the professional level and you think about leaving a work environment that has stopped pleasing you as much as it used to at the beginning of your career there. Finally, it is important that you make yourself clear on the amorous level and answer questions which keep your relationship to a standstill. If you cannot stay in the specific living framework, you had better leave without breaking everything down and cutting the painter with the other side. If you are in a relationship that has proven its resilience in difficulties, it is time you took the next step.


Saturn enters Pisces on March, 7 and will stay in this sign until the end of the year. Thus you will be relieved following a difficult three-year-long period. Perhaps you are liberated from a demanding relationship or collaboration but this does not mean that you can easily find somebody who suits your own desires. Perhaps you meet people with whom you want to flirt and test your sexual chemistry but sexual satisfaction is not what you had in mind. Perhaps you go through a break up and you process the financial side of this move. You check whether you can maintain some elements that are still necessary to you in the near future. If you are concerned with your career, remember that remuneration is not the most important fact that will determine how to move forward. Try and understand whether you feel secure and stable with the proposition you have in your hands and whether you can fit in with the work environment you are about to join. You can consider the financial aspect afterwards. This might be challenging for you because you think that your merit is not recognised but you also have the opportunity to prove your worth and force some people to change their attitude towards you.



The first set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on April, 20 at the last degree of Aries in square with Pluto in Capricorn and it signals your need to do something to change the professional facts in your life. Perhaps you must be more demanding with people who do not seem willing to listen to your views and claim something you think you deserve or represents you. A change that is about to take place might have an impact on more people than you imagined and might be a catalyst for big developments that may affect many other facts too. If you are under pressure due to the situations, it is time you expressed your objections to people who are appropriate to listen to you and you stopped using ridiculous excuses. You cannot blame others for your own maladies since you can react and prove you have a voice, a plan, and a programme. The Lunar eclipse that follows on May, 5 at 14 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus seems to have an impact on the representatives of the second decanate because they realise that they cannot keep doing something as usual. It is time you got rid of outdated facts and weights that are not your own, and you rebelled so as to prove that you can change things. Perhaps words are spoken that are hard to stomach; truths are told that upset your surroundings; and moves are made that will disturb stagnant waters. What matters is that you understand you must be in the spotlight and get rid of shadows.


The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 14 at 21 degrees Libra in conjunction with Mercury, in opposition to Chiron in Aries and in square with Pluto in Capricorn. It aims at making you get hold of reality. Perhaps it is time you faced the truth, you set grandiose plans aside, and you considered whether you can commit to situations that are directly linked to your daily life. Perhaps you want to stop moving so hectically, pause a tiring and exhausting situation, and spend more time with close people. You are called upon to think whether you can overcome difficulties and daily engagements and plan your daily schedule based on your own dispositions and desires. The Lunar eclipse on October, 28 at 5 degrees Taurus in opposition to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio seems to make your professional image hard to manage. Perhaps you must think more deeply than usual and search inside to find the power you look for so as to respond to challenges which call you to give answers to people who question you. On the other side, you may feel you cannot keep on being in a house that cages you. Perhaps you can hardly associate with people who oppress you and you want to have a change of scenery in your daily life.


North Node

The North Node will be in Taurus until July, 17 and the South Node will be in Scorpio respectively. They mostly have an impact on the balance between family/career for the representatives of the first decanate. You will come across professional challenges because you are called upon to weigh whether remuneration from the job you do is more important than inner fulfilment. Perhaps you think you are at a crossroads and you are called upon to make a decision that is pretty difficult because you do not receive any external help. Perhaps you can hardly fit in with the existing framework; you can hardly find inner harmony; and you fight your inner demons and the leftovers of a haunting past. Perhaps you choose to focus on your personal life and you pay attention to your relationship or family by leaving practical and financial issues by the wayside. It is not an easy choice but you had better remember that your personal freedom is worth much more than any remuneration that enslaves you in the end.


The North Node enters Aries and the South Node enters Libra respectively on July, 17. You will have the opportunity to take a deep breath of relief and find opportunities to escape the very specific and pressuring action frame around you. You should not miss an opportunity to go on a trip because you will get in touch with people with another perception and you will ask yourself whether it is time you changed your life. Perhaps you have the opportunity to invest in educational activities that will open up new professional horizons; to find ways out that you had not even imagined before; and to find allies in your effort to be creative anew. Bear in mind that fleeing a pressuring environment is not an easy process. There could be consequences which you are called upon to meet and you may flirt with breaking the law to that end.

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