Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

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Back to school


2023 will make you realise that you stand before crucial changes in your life. On the one hand, Saturn will enter Pisces on March, 7 and you will measure yourself against the importance of your interpersonal relationships. Perhaps you can hardly be committed to a relationship that has completed its cycle and you are about to break up. However, there are also financial consequences that you must handle. Perhaps there is a professional challenge since you are called upon to take on responsibilities which you avoid and you have not thought of assuming. Could you overcome yourself and take on a role you did not even imagine?


On the other side, there is a lot to learn and you will be exposed to people who can change your life course. You are called upon to remember that every obstacle teaches you a lesson; every time you take distance from a familiar environment, you have the opportunity to meet new people; and every time you have difficulties to communicate, you have the opportunity to give new shape to your way of thinking. The aforementioned means that it is time you opened up your mind and you accepted views and ideas that could change your professional status in the long run.



Jupiter is in Aries until May, 16 which means that you have the opportunity to look after your finances and make agreements that will help you to be more optimistic about the future. You will have the opportunity to discuss a job offer that can improve your finances but you must also focus on the responsibilities you take on. It might sound extremely interesting and challenging but try to also consider what the balance with your personal life will be because you might reduce the time you spend in your relationship. Perhaps you must be more aggressive with professional collaborations, take on roles you were not given before, and claim some pieces from the pie. On the amorous level, a highly passionate relationship might come up without any future though. On the other hand, a pregnancy might come up that you did not expect or you do not really want because you want to make your relationship more stable first.


Jupiter enters Taurus on May, 16 and will stay there until the end of the year. It signals the beginning of a pretty tempting and interesting period in your life. You will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge, take part in educational activities that will help you improve your curriculum, travel, and meet people who can broaden your horizons. Perhaps you decide to focus on knowledge, review your worldview, and consider possible alternatives to be more flexible with difficult situations. Perhaps this means that you acknowledge your weaknesses and you try to cover them. You try to improve a part of yourself that is idle and it is time you did something so as to bring it to the surface.



Saturn will be in Aquarius until March, 7 and keeps on causing problems in your relations with people at work since there are differences between yourselves you can hardly stomach. Perhaps you can hardly communicate with people whose way of thinking does not change and you come across obstacles which you cannot overcome; some impenetrable walls seem to come up before you. At the same time, you can learn a lot about using diplomacy to work through your differences with people who seem to be inflexible. You might be trained in the way people use their power and you might get examples of the life stance some people have chosen to implement. You had also better look after your health and pay attention to signs that aim at awakening you.


Saturn enters Pisces on March, 7 and a long period of almost three years will start when you are called upon to consider your self-esteem. With Saturn opposite you, if you were born on the first decanate, you will experience huge challenges in your interpersonal relationships because you need to decide whether you can stay in harmful situations. On the one hand, you may want to escape and break free from the protective dragnet around you. On the other hand, you may see there is still room to bridge the gap. These two sides will make it hard on you because you do not have clear answers and thereof you cannot make final decisions. This means that you mature and you understand it is time you moved on following self-criticism and without expecting others to hold your hand.



The first set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on April, 20 at the last degree of Aries in square with Pluto in Capricorn and it highlights the area of love relationships and parenthood. Perhaps you find it difficult to make such a decision or move because there are still obsessions you cannot easily overcome. Perhaps you are about to free yourself from a specific lifestyle so as to be lighter and function without the familiar obsessions which make you internalise your worries and phobias. On the professional level, you may claim more so long as you believe in yourself and you trust your instinct which seems to function like an alarm bell. The Lunar eclipse that follows on May, 5 at 14 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus seems to awaken you and make you clear your thoughts. Perhaps you must search inside so as to make conclusions about whether you trust somebody in your life or not because your instinct will help you in this effort. On the other side, you cannot keep on hiding and avoid expressing your views because truth will shine sooner or later. Be bolder with relatives and make sure you set processes in motion that will help you escape a spoilt and sick environment.


The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 14 at 21 degrees Libra in conjunction with Mercury, in opposition to Chiron in Aries and in square with Pluto in Capricorn. It mostly influences your finances and their sources. Perhaps you negotiate a professional proposition and you can hardly accept what is offered because you think you are undervalued. Perhaps you must hold certain discussions with your better half regarding your common investment plan and purchases related to your house or family. On the personal level, try and bridge the gap with the other side and avoid tensions which will likely result in ruptures that will have a bitter taste for all of you. The Lunar eclipse on October, 28 at 5 degrees Taurus in opposition to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio will make you communicate your phobias and insecurities, consider whether you can overcome your obsessions, and give explanations in situations which cannot move forward based on common logic. If you go through an educational activity, you need to make a bigger effort and finish certain issues until the end of the year.


North Node

The North Node will be in Taurus until July, 17 and the South Node will be in Scorpio respectively. They highlight the opportunity to make progress regarding the way you think and communicate with your surroundings. You are probably in the process of getting a diploma, talking about opening up your mind, and acquiring knowledge that will help you take the next step in your career. You need to find a method and a structure in your programme and be ready to accept certain ideas that might seem strange or at least provocative. This means that you must take distance from relatives and close people because you need room to fill your head with new ideas and views. At the same time, you must finish with any procedures related to lawyers and courts so as to settle unfinished business that makes you shoulder weights which are worthless by now.


The North Node enters Aries and the South Node enters Libra respectively on July, 17. They will direct your interest in the financial area with many karmic challenges. You need to substantially connect with people and situations that might seem challenging but also scary. Perhaps this means that you stand before a prospect you have not thought of before and you might have met somebody who unexpectedly awakens your sexual senses. Perhaps you consider or come across a collaboration that could change your financial status. However, it should be based on a better balance between yourself and the other side. Perhaps this means that you are more confident; you can handle the difficulty of getting in touch with people who tend to overshadow you; and you come out of your shell.

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