Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

Annual Predictions 2023

pisces Pisces

The beginning of a period of screening out


2023 aims to make you cope with your belongings and make decisions that consist of elements of personal satisfaction and gain. Perhaps it is a period when you decide to focus on your education and particularly on a field that will help you grow professionally. Perhaps you must spend money, of course, and so you have to grade your financial priorities anew. Perhaps you want to get rid of heirlooms so as to increase your income.


2023 is a year that will help you change or develop your way of thinking and will make you consider self-preservation. Saturn enters your sign on March, 7 and will stay there for almost three years. You are called upon to maintain what is important and necessary to you. Perhaps this means that you alienate relatives who may consume a great deal of your energy. Perhaps you focus on your finances by protecting your job position. Finally, you might want to terminate a relationship that has worn you out and stop running after people who manipulate you.



Jupiter is in Aries until May, 16 and will give you the opportunity to improve your financial situation through professional agreements. An opportunity of the kind could turn into a situation that is out of your control and that you can hardly stop or moderate. As a result, you are carried away with situations that will expose you. It is clear that you need to make more room in your life, to seize opportunities, and to change level in your career. This does not mean that you will be carried away with dangerous situations. At the same time, you have the opportunity to buy things that will improve the image of your house, will give shape to a more functional living space, and will contribute to the redecoration of your space. Finally, you have an opportunity to sell something useless that will add to your income so as to invest in whatever is necessary to you from now on.


Jupiter enters Taurus on May, 16 and will be a good opportunity for you to do something in the area of knowledge. You could take up an educational activity that could be the basis for your new professional reality. Perhaps you are in a new living environment and you need time to get used to the new facts and to integrate this space smoothly. You had better focus on the way you communicate your needs, be more clear about your intentions and dispositions, and learn to express your needs instead of bottling up. Perhaps a period begins when you travel a lot and you need to get in touch with people who could promote work-related issues and who could be the basis for your new professional identity.



Saturn will be in Aquarius until March, 7 and seems to challenge you psychologically. It disturbs you and forces you to admit that there are unresolved issues inside you that have an impact on your mood. Professional difficulties will surface in many occasions due to which you will lose sleep and you will feel like answering a series of questions. Perhaps you realise that your relationship with some colleagues and collaborators is difficult and it is almost improbable that you balance out things and be more functional in an unequal relationship. Finally, you had better try and remove obstacles which are related to psychological weights and stem from the leftovers of relationships and problems that you went through in your childhood.


Saturn enters your sign on March, 7 and will stay for almost three years. It is the inauguration of a period when you are called upon to set boundaries in your relationships, in situations and in elements that are out of control. First of all, it will be likely obvious that you can hardly be in a relationship that has outlived its existence and has lost its spark, spontaneity and eroticism. Perhaps you think you stand on your own feet and you can second the next step of your relationship. You seem ready to build something much more stable in your life. On the professional level, you may be called upon to take on difficult responsibilities that could also be an opportunity to prove your abilities and shoulder responsibilities that could be your medals and your ticket to a new phase in your career. Finally, you had better look after yourself more and take care of your nutrition and image because health issues might surface. Perhaps this means that you will likely follow a healthier diet, you will start working out, you will give up on useless things, and you will maintain only what is necessary.



The first set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on April, 20 at the last degree of Aries in square with Pluto in Capricorn and it seems to have an impact on your finances. You will have to clarify whether you can rely on your own power or you will remain a team member with whom you choose to do something together. Perhaps you cannot avoid certain expenses and you should simply wisely manage your priorities and the way you handle issues without cutting the painter with your surroundings. The Lunar eclipse that follows on May, 5 at 14 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus could be an occasion to try and connect what you think with what you feel. Perhaps you must express your worries in a way that proves you do not mince your words. You might use an unfamiliar language but you also seek to be clear and not be lost in translation. Perhaps your relationship with relatives is disturbed and you hold discussions about score settling so as not to feel lost in a vague framework.


The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 14 at 21 degrees Libra in conjunction with Mercury, in opposition to Chiron in Aries and in square with Pluto in Capricorn. It is a juncture when you ask yourself whether there is future in your amorous life with your partner. Perhaps you can hardly fit in with this relationship and find your footing. Perhaps you decide to find reasons why you are in a professional collaboration which puts pressure on you and makes you acknowledge you lose yourself in it. The financial aspect will play an important role and will make you acknowledge that it is time you took risks. The Lunar eclipse on October, 28 at 5 degrees Taurus in opposition to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio seems to make you wonder whether you speak up and express what is in your mind or your surroundings have no idea about it. Perhaps you want to disturb stagnant waters and test others’ resilience in view of provocative propositions. You want to see whether you are surrounded by people who are chained to situations that provide material security. If you go through an educational process, try and be focused on your goal and finish what you started without being carried away with disorienting thoughts.


North Node

The North Node will be in Taurus until July, 17 and the South Node will be in Scorpio respectively. You have the opportunity to open up your mind, gain new knowledge, and come across new facts which have an impact on your outlook on the world. Perhaps you take up studies which will influence your career and you make sure you lay foundations that will allow you to take the next professional steps and achieve a better remuneration. Finally, there are likely developments in issues related to close people and you need to contact and communicate with relatives with whom you share assets. If the discussion leads to a litigation, bear in mind that you cannot be selfish because this could cut the painter with them when you are not prepared for such an outcome.


The North Node enters Aries and the South Node enters Libra respectively on July, 17. It seems that you focus on the financial area of your life. Perhaps you must buy things you cannot avoid and you need to reach an understanding with your better half or collaborator so as to see how to split the cost. Perhaps you must pay more attention to your personal needs and leave some compromises that you must make with people from your daily life by the wayside. You see, you decide to prioritise yourself. On the professional level, you could consider starting your own business, stand on your own feet, and quit collaborations in which your profit is doubtful. You learn to focus more on yourself from now on, increase your self-esteem and stop following others who want you to depend on them.

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